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Quality management
   Trial manufacturing center and lab are fitted with leading softwares, hard-wares and testing equipment. The technical indicator and testing range of the national-level air conditioning testing center are higher than those of the national testing levels. Factors and processes influencing the operation of the products are strictly controlled in Bright, and our Bright also carries out a wholeset of rigorous and precise manufacturing crafts manship requirements to guarantee the superior quality.
   "Strong and healthy" is the pursuit of Bright development, Bright is the first central air cond
itioning company with 100% online testing system.Bright production lines are the world-class line test systems. Adopt the most advanced air conditioning testing technology from the world cooling king country Italy, including four testing line, the testing range is very wide, almost including all kinds of air conditioning.
  All procedures are totally controlled by the softwares. Thus, the human factors are eliminated in the quality management. Spare parts with defects will not be used and the unqualified products will not be packed up.